Haven Review: Much Ado About Mara

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Nathan and Duke seek to convince Dwight and the Guard to let them bring Audrey back while Dwight and the Guard seek to pressure Mara into ending the Troubles. Elsewhere, Vince and Dave look to find some answers about what came out of the cave from the other side.


This week’s episode of Haven picks up right from where the last Haven episode Spotlight left off. We’re back at Nathan’s dad’s secret cabin in the woods, only this time it is new Captain of the Guard Dwight who is interrogating the chained up Mara/Audrey.

Dwight, and the dozen or so Guardsman he has brought with him inexplicably allow troublemaker Mara to work on trouble-repository Duke who is primed to blow. She promises that giving him just one Trouble will cure him of his Trouble-mania. He chooses a relatively harm-free trouble that means he will talk gibberish without knowing it. Dwight and the rest of the Guard leave the cabin to allow Mara to do her work. The evil witch who is responsible for the Troubles said she could save him, so let’s all wait outside. Brilliant plan!

She cures him, or so she says, and Dwight takes the decision to bring in Jodie (with the lasers shooting out of her body Trouble from last week) for a cure. Another brilliant plan new Captain of the Guard! I’m beginning to wonder whether Dwight, whose Trouble is that he’s a bullet-magnet, has a new Trouble revolving around terrible decision-making?

Mara cattily plays with Dwight throughout their shared scenes, mocking him, his Guard, his Trouble, even his dead daughter. “I wish I could have the look on your daughter’s face when she died. Were the bullets confused when they chose which one of you to kill?” He wants her to cure the Troubles. She wants her Aether back. “Quid pro quo,” she tells him all Hannibal Lecter-like, and it seems that he’s finally filled up his stupidity quota for the week because he refuses.

Elsewhere, the other main plotline this week revolves around orphan-from-another-realm (yes, seriously) Vince and ousted Captain of the Guard Dave. These two began Haven as almost comic relief characters, but over the past 4 seasons it has been revealed that both harbor deep and dark secrets, from Haven and from each other.

The two get into a popcorn fight (again, yes seriously) while discussing a bunch of super-serious Haven lore. Dave wants to know what Vince knows about the other realm, and more importantly, what came over from there in last season’s finale. After a lot of back and forth (including a visit to a hypnotist dubbed the Iron Maiden who puts Vince under) it looks like we’re finally going to get some answers.

Thought you were going to get some answers? Nope. And here are some more questions. The Iron Maiden is attacked by someone—or something—and it turns out that only Dave can remember their session. Whatever came over from the other side apparently has the ability to “steal time” (Haven-speak for ‘make someone forget’). This someone or something however forgets to take the Iron Maiden’s notes, and we are greeted with the word “Croatoan” (related to the famous Lost Colony of Roanoke in Virignia). An interesting, if somewhat played out, American occult legend (although I hope Haven does a better job of dealing with this subject-matter than Supernatural did). I’m calling it here and know, if Audrey/Lexi/Mara whoever turns out to be Virginia Dare (first child born to American settlers and lost with Roanoke) then the Internet should now that I called it first!

Nathan and Duke are sidelined by the Guard for much of this episode, Duke talking absolute gibberish thanks to his newfound Trouble. This is swiftly (too swiftly) dealt with after he realizes that it relates to his guilt over Jennifer’s death. With the Nathan-Duke bromance back on, they are in perfect position to investigate the new-trouble-of-the-week. Birds falling from the sky, barrels boiling, rakes’ rusting, and people going blind. Could this possibly have anything to do with Mara supposedly curing Jodie’s Trouble?

Dwight and Duke simultaneously figure out that this new Trouble is an old one, more specifically it is Jodie’s Trouble tweaked, instead of shooting laser beams out of her body, now she is shooting out microwaves. Surrogate-Audrey Duke tacks down Jodie and helps her get her Trouble under control. Her Trouble was tied to her guilt as well—a neat little callback or an entirely predictable turn of events depending on where you’re sitting. After more than four seasons of this, I’m leaning towards the latter.

Nevertheless, this (along with another impromptu Audrey appearance demonstrating Emily Rose’s versatile acting) convinces Dwight to throw his lot in with Nathan and Duke and the lets-get-the-band-back-together plan to bring Audrey back. In what was genuinely a touching scene, the three go into the cabin and talk to Audrey, ignoring Mara’s hateful words. Dwight talks about his Trouble and his daughter, Nathan talks above his love for Audrey and Duke talks about their friendship. (“We’re here for you, Audrey. We need you. We love you.”) And it works. Audrey’s back, at least for a few moments. “It’s me,” she says, “It’s me.” Could it be that easy? The answer: Of course not.

In fact, it’s worse. Mara knows that Audrey’s there now and she’s pissed. Audrey sticks around long enough to tell us that Mara is a liar (anybody surprised by this nugget of information?) she can’t take the Troubles out of people, she can only put them in. Audrey retreats and Mara returns. “So Audrey was rattling around inside of me. Thank you for letting me know. I’m going to kill that bitch right now!” Roll credits. Well, since we’re only on episode four of the final season, I’m going to hazard a guess that we’ll see Audrey again, but I’m kind of perversely glad that Mara will be sticking around for a little longer.


Dwight : What’s it for? What are the Troubles for?
Mara : Like I said, for fun.

Dwight : I’ve got 12 Guardsman on site. You’ll cure them all.
Mara : Starting with you?
Dwight : I go last, after everyone in Haven.
Mara : Oh, that’s so noble I could puke!

Nathan : Audrey is better for Haven.
Duke : Audrey can’t cure the Troubles.

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