Haven Review: The Old Switcheroo Part 2

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HAVEN -- "The Old Switcheroo Part II" Episode 506 -- Pictured: Eric Balfour as Duke Crocker -- (Photo by: Mike Tompkins/Syfy)

HAVEN — “The Old Switcheroo Part II” Episode 506 — Pictured: Eric Balfour as Duke Crocker — (Photo by: Mike Tompkins/Syfy)


As the first six-episode story-arc of Haven’s final season comes to a tense close, Duke and Nathan continue to seek to restore Audrey, Vince and Dave continue to look for clues about Croatoan and the meaning of the Troubles, and Mara continues to try to throw a spanner into the works.


So, we return to Haven for another week of quirky drama and weirdness in what is shaping up to be one of the show’s strongest seasons. While Part 1 of The Old Switcheroo was all body-swapping hijinks, the second part is much more sober and serious as the writers advance the plot on all fronts (no pop-corn fights this time).

We begin with Nathan and Duke (who swapped bodies last episode) making plans to use the body-swap to their advantage against Mara, who is pretending to be Audrey. Nathan (now in Duke’s body) is in capital-t Trouble; he needs to release a pent-up Trouble or he’s going to blow. Why not kill two birds with one stone and release a Trouble that will actually help them with Mara? Finally, someone on Haven has a good idea! So Nathan decides to release a “reincarnation” Trouble on Mara that he hopes will help Audrey fight back against her.

While all this is going on, Vince and Dave (also body-swapped) pay another visit to Allison Doohan in Manteo, North Carolina. The two brothers learn of another pair of siblings who have, if possible, a stranger and more dysfunctional relationship than their own, namely the Doohan brothers—Skip and Jeffrey. It is the brothers (body-swapped, of course!) who are the cause of this particular Trouble. One brother is on the run from the loony bin in Haven while the other has stolen his sibling’s life—and wife—in Manteo and is unwilling to give either up. Vince and Dave decide that the only way to solve this particular Trouble is to get the two brothers together—because if there’s one things these two know (even when wearing each others bodysuits) it is sibling dysfunction and the Troubles.

Skip (or is it Jeffrey?) agrees to return to Haven with the brothers to confront his own brother after Vince (or is it Dave?) is almost pulled into the Thinny at the Doohan house…again. Didn’t this happen last week? Did he forget or something? On the road to Haven, the three brothers are involved in a car crash as Vince sees one of Dave’s mysterious visions from his time on the other side. He is running through a misty forest chasing a long-haired man who he eventually catches up with and kills, using a Trouble, just as the man finishes carving the word Croatoan on a tree. Spooky!

Back at Haven’s mental asylum inside a mental asylum, Nathan and Duke (Duke and Nathan) trap Mara-pretending-to-be-Audrey in a room while Nathan (in Duke’s body) tries to unleash the reincarnation Trouble. He fails, predictably. Duke (in Nathan’s body) enters the room to try and encourage Nathan. He fails, predictably. And Mara-pretending-to-be-Audrey manages to sweet-talk her way out of the cell while sweet-talking the other-two in. Confused? The only important thing to know is that Mara gets away, our hapless heroes are trapped and it is a race against time to find Jeffrey Doohan.

Dwight and Gloria—also in each other’s bodies, (are you sensing a pattern here?)—manage to find the missing Doohan brother only for Mara to swoop in. She shoots Dwight (Gloria) and absconds with our Troublemaker. Mara/Audrey might be immune to the Troubles, but not, it seems, the kind brewing inside Duke. She, ironically, needs to keep Jeffrey alive to prevent Duke and Nathan swapping back and Duke using his Trouble power against her. She hides out with the Doohan brother where she seeks to turn him to the dark side however much to Mara’s disdain, the Doohan-on-the-run serenely tells her that he has no interest in revenge against his brother and wife—that he forgives them.

Nathan and Duke (Duke and Nathan) manage to secure their release from Haven’s mental institution and quickly track Mara and Jeffrey Doohan down. They take the two to Duke’s bar The Gull; because if there’s one thing missing from this tale of sibling rivalry it is alcohol. Eventually everyone converges on Duke’s bar, including the Doohan brothers who hug it out, returning everybody to their original bodies.

With Duke back in his own body, it is finally time to release his reincarnation Trouble and bring Audrey back. A cut across the forearm and some magic Croker-blood later, Duke unleashes his Trouble and everybody in the bar is thrown back from a magical explosion. Did it work? It seems not as we hear Mara’s Evil Disney Queen laugh. But what’s this? On the other side of the room, covered in glass and debris, a naked Audrey Parker has finally returned (yaay) like Terminator 2 (double yaay)!

What’s better than one Emily Rose? The answer, of course, is two. So Haven gets Audrey Parker back. And we get to keep evil Mara too? Excellent. The rest of the season is going to be such fun as Audrey and Mara get to square off face-to-face. Does Audrey retain her memories of Mara? Will she be able to finally end the Troubles? I can’t wait to find out.

All that’s left is to visit Vince and Dave in the hospital as Dave finally confesses the secret that he has been keeping from his brother all this time. All those years ago, he woke up on the beach next to the Colorado Kid (Audrey’s son). Did he kill him?


Mara : You’re not going to hurt me. You love Audrey too much.
Duke (inside Nathan) : Actually, I’m not in love with Audrey. Remember? I’m Duke.

Mara : What the hell are you two doing out there? Why isn’t one of you trying to force feed me carbs?
Duke (inside Nathan) : Breakfast on the go today, Parker. We have a trouble to solve…Parker. See Nathan? I can totally be you. Stick up my ass serious. Sprinkle in a few Parkers.

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