Haven Review: Exposure

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So, we’re back to Haven for another week of ghost-busting mayhem. Audrey tries to bring Nathan back from ghost town. Mara and Duke have a heart to heart. Vince and Dave are back to their old shenanigans.


If there’s something strange in the neighbourhood, who you gonna call? Audrey Parker, Nathan, Duke and some guy named Seth. OK, admittedly it’s not as catchy as the original, but it’s what Haven’s got. We’re back to the Maine town of weirdness for another week of weirdness, continuing straight on from last week’s “ghosts can die” cliff-hanger. Mara succinctly sums up the situation in the first scene of the episode, telling Duke that “Audrey’s not immune to the Troubles, Nathan’s a phantom and you’re about to erupt. You have one good resource and you’ve chained her to a boat.”

Said boat is where one third—and by far the most interesting third— of Exposure takes place as we see a head to head, or should that be heart to heart, between Mara and Duke. She wants to talk to him about his mom. A topic that literally has never come up on Haven before. We know all about Duke’s dad and the Croker curse, but nothing about his mom. I wonder where this could be going? Some drinking and light flirting later, Duke is ready to spill the beans in return for Mara’s help with Nathan’s Trouble. Duke tells Mara, all stony-faced, that his mother was only interested in him and his brother for the welfare check. That he hasn’t seen her in years. That he has no interest in seeing her. Mara, only looks interested, or is that hungry? Whatever it is, this is obviously the beginning of some Duke related plot and I really hope that it doesn’t turn out that Mara is his secret mum. The other big news is that apparently he chose, whether subconsciously or not, to split Audrey and Mara, that he wants her around. Well, two Emily Roses are better than one.

The other two plot lines take up the majority of the episode and frankly are a lot less interesting to watch than the chemistry sizzle between Duke and Mara. We see Dave and Vince bumbling around and Audrey trying to bring back Ghost Nathan. Let’s start with that.

If you’ll recall, last week ended with someone killing a ghost (yes, that’s right) and leaving a dramatically cryptic (or should that be cryptically dramatic?) message about “even ghosts can die!” But don’t worry Audrey and Duke are on the case and they call in our “ghostbuster” Seth, one half of the Darkside Seekers who appeared in an episode of season 4. Now, fair warning, I don’t remember this episode or this guy, but Seth is a breath of fresh air into what is a stale plot-line. Audrey needs some way to contact Nathan. Ouija? Surely not Derek Acorah? Duke calls in Seth, while referencing Ghostbusters, who promptly answers the phone “Darkside Seekers, we hunt what’s haunting you.” OK, I’m totally on board with this development.

In other news, Nathan and Malcolm in the Middle’s brother are at the graveyard standing over the body of a ghost. Whose been stabbed to death. And whose blood has been used to send a scary message. Yes, ghosts have blood. OK. Malcolm in the Middle’s brother tells Nathan that ghosts can only touch other ghosts, and that they only have what they have when they cross over. So, our unidentified killer has a knife. And Nathan has a gun. Interesting. Well, a bit.

Seth meanwhile has entered the scene with a fancy-pants EMF device (which, by the way, is something you can get an app for on your phone). Still, I’m willing to forgive this because Seth is fun. But, can he MacGyver up a device where you can speak with ghosts? Can’t buy that on the app store. Sure he can, for, you know, reasons. Nathan, meanwhile, guesses that it is the bearded Guardsman with the inexplicable Louisianan accent who is responsible for killing goatee ghost from last week and heads to the Guard’s headquarters where he, no doubt, will be hiding out.

“The Guard Headquarters” Malcolm in the Middle’s brother asks. “Sounds like a super villain’s lair.” Oh, shifty eyes and almost certain guilt aside, I’m beginning to like this guy.

Audrey meanwhile thinks she has figured out who is the cause of this trouble—it’s the photographer from last week, literally the only other person she has interacted with outside of the main cast of characters. The photographer Amy is, surprise surprise, Malcolm in the Middle’s brother’s fiancé (I’ll give you a second to read over that sentence). The gang figure out how her Trouble works, with some timely assistance from Mara, and Audrey gets ready to charge to the rescue.

Nathan and bearded Guardsman tussle. Bearded Guardsman is about to win and plunge a sharp knife into Nathan’s chest when he stops to talk some trash. Oh, that’s a mistake. Malcolm in the Middle’s brother shoots him. Maybe he isn’t a bad guy after all? Nathan and Malcolm in the Middle’s brother go to the house where Amy, Audrey, Seth and the rest of the gang are waiting and Nathan, coincidentally, sees a picture of Malcolm in the Middle’s brother holding a big knife and cutting a cake. “I wish you hadn’t seen that,” he says. OK, so maybe he’s the bad guy after all.

Audrey goes into ghost town with the magic device that lets you talk to the other side. She finds Nathan unconscious (Ghosts can be knocked out) and is promptly taken hostage. Malcolm in the Middle’s brother, using the device taken from Audrey, convinces his fiancé to cross over. She does. Is horrified by what he’s done. Nathan and Audrey talk her Trouble down (it seems that Audrey’s back in the Trouble-breaking groove) and boom the day is saved. Or is it? No, it’s really saved.

In the midst of all this drama, we have some patented Vince and Dave hijinks. Hospitalized somewhere outside of Haven, a doctor takes a sample of Dave’s wound to send off for testing. You know, the wound that he got from a mysterious realm from a mysterious creature and which mysteriously appears and disappears? That wound. Maybe not a good idea to get a biopsy done, you say? I’m right there with you. We see Vince ineffectually try to intercept the biopsy by pretending to be a journalist (this guy was Captain of the Guard? Really?). He’s caught. Of course. And Dave comes to the rescue. Of course. Everything seems fine and dandy but it seems that the CDC appear in Haven for the next episode so maybe not.


Mara : I don’t know what’s going to kill me first boredom or your cooking.
Duke : I’ll make sure to convey your concerns to hotel management.

Seth : (after knocking out the now corporeal bad-guy) I am the one who goes bump in the night. Huh? No? That’s not working? Don’t worry. I got another one here.

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