Haven Review: Morbidity

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Dr. Charlotte Cross of the CDC is in town and Audrey, Nathan and the rest of the gang are busy trying to keep her away from the Troubles, which is difficult considering that a Trouble flu is going around. Meanwhile, Mara tries to get her hooks into Duke.


So, there should be a word that encompasses genuine edge-of-your-seat drama and completely off-the-wall weirdness. If there were such a word, I would use it to describe the fabulousness that is Haven. This week we see the return of police chief Dwight, and the arrival of the CDC (that is the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention or in other words The Man). The Man, in this instance, is a woman, Dr. Charlotte Cross of the CDC (tell me someone with a name like this shouldn’t have her own TV show?). And while the gang rush around trying to keep her off the scent of the Troubles and the government out of their hair, they, of course, have a Trouble to deal with. A Dancing Bear Trouble! Yes, I said that.

The episode begins with a pretty interesting David Teague flashback. Like his previous Croatoan flashback, we see him running through a misty forest. Unlike previous flashbacks, we see more. We see a deer turn into a naked girl. We see a bunch of dead settlers. And we see a Thinny. So the Troubles were involved in the disappearance of Roanoke colony. And it seems that David Teague was around to see it. Just how old is this dude?

Charlotte Cross is in town to investigate the mysterious wound that he received from the other side of the Thinny (making a full third of last week’s episode where Dave and Vince ran around trying to stop the biopsy getting to the CDC a complete waste of time). So, Dave Teague is hiding from the government, Dwight is flirting with The Man and trying to keep her from uncovering the Troubles and Nathan and Audrey are on the case. What case is that, you ask? The Dancing Bear case. Am I going to use the words “Dancing Beat case” at any and every opportunity? You better believe it.

So, the Dancing Beat case is a Trouble whereby a Dancing Bear appears on the street. Not an actual bear, of course, a costumed dancing bear. The dancing bear dances. The dancing bear waves. The dancing bear removes his head to reveal that nothing is inside the costume. The dancing bear puts his head back on. The dancing bear removes his head once again to reveal a ghostly visage missing half his head. You know, the usual. So, a sleuth of dancing ghost bears is probably not the best thing to see on Haven’s streets when a suspicious government official is working around. Luckily, Charlotte Cross is too busy making eyes at Dwight to pay it much mind until a flu epidemic breaks out in the town and, this being Haven, the flu is targeting Troubled people.

Meanwhile, back at Duke’s boat Mara is getting into his head. The Duke and Mara scenes are, once again, the best of the episode and Trouble-maker Mara proves that she is just as dangerous chained and shackled as she runs around loose. She plays on Duke’s fears and insecurities as his friend’s want him—the man who is choke-full of Troubles—out of sight while the CDC is in town. She plays on something else by changing in front of him and laying on the “we’re in the same boat” stuff thick. To be perfectly honest, Mara has a point. Why is it that he’s stuck with the Mara-guarding duties? His friends really don’t have his back and personally I always preferred the bad-boy Duke to the sidekick.

Charlotte Cross (I love that name) undergoes to treat the flu while Dwight, Nathan and Audrey work the Dancing Beat case (said it again!) and try to keep the Troubled people with the Troubled flu out of sight. The trouble (pun intended) being that those with this flu are losing control of their Troubles. So the CDC won’t need a biopsy to come in and quarantine the town, the girl shooting electricity out of her hands will be more than enough of a reason to investigate.

In the midst of all this, Charlotte reveals that she has found a genetic correlation between all those with the flu. Or, in other words, she may have found a genetic basis for the Troubles. Sciencey! While Audrey calls up Mara (for the first time since they split) to ask for some help, Mara doesn’t do help, but she does do pithy banter. With Audrey now no longer immune to the Troubles, and hitting a brick wall in the Dancing Bear case, Mara wonders what we are all wondering. Does Audrey still have it?

Charlotte Cross manages to find Dwight’s secret room of sick Troubled people (it was literally in the same hospital where she has spent most of her time). She shouts at Dwight. Oops. Looks like the lobster dinner date is off. And goes to call in the government. Remember the girl shooting electricity out of her hands. She uses said electricity to fry the cell-phone town thanks to timely intervention by Duke. The residents of small town Haven follow the now openly fleeing government official. Duke says that the only answer is to take her hostage. Dwight disagrees and tasers him, he’s got another plan. Duke returns to Mara, “we” have a problem, he tells her. That “we” worries me.


Mara : The game has changed, Duke. Your freedom and my freedom are linked.
Duke : Another prediction from Mara the psychic. Or maybe I should just say psycho.

Mara : You haven’t come to se me.
Audrey : Why would I?
Mara : I don’t know. To meet your maker.
Audrey : You are not my maker!
Mara : Really, then who is? I don’t know if you can afford such ontological certainty being that you’re a banana peel, a nutshell, a husk.
Audrey : Are you going to help me or not?
Mara : All right, Audrey-husk, you want to know about the dancing bear trouble?

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