Haven Review: Mortality

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It’s week two of the Trouble flu as Audrey, Nathan and the rest of the gang deal with the fallout from the Trouble flu while Mara and Duke go rogue.


So, thankfully there are developments and revelations aplenty this week as Charlotte Cross of the CDC looks to find a scientific cure for the supernatural Troubles. Science vs. Magic appears to be the theme of the week as we get a number of conversations—some natural, others unnaturally forced—between characters on the difference between science and the supernatural.

The episode begins with Haven shut down, quarantined not by the CDC but by the Haven PD themselves as they scramble to deal with Charlotte’s presence in town and the Trouble flu, which appears to be activating the Troubles of all those who catch it. So it’s a race against time to stop the contagion and find the trouble person causing it. Audrey Parker, Trouble-solver extraordinaire, seeks to make her way into town but it stopped by the quarantine. The police, it seems, are still wary around her following her previous Mara-hood although the bigger question is: Doesn’t Audrey live in Haven?

Anyway, she manages to get through but appears to be coughing. This can’t be good. The former Trouble resistant Audrey now appears to have come down with the Trouble flu. So, that means she’s Troubled. I wonder what Trouble she has? Later on in the episode, Charlotte Cross is listing a number of Troubles and mentions “the family who everything they touch turn to Cake.” Oh please, can it be that!

Meanwhile, police chief and Captain of the Guard Dwight is explaining the Troubles to Charlotte Cross. He shows her his bullet magnet Trouble, but not before she pulls a gun on him. Do agents of the CDC (ostensibly scientists) usually go around packing heat? He shows her a few other Troubles but she isn’t convinced. That would be way too easy! While back on Duke’s boat, Mara is still playing on Duke’s mind. After being tazered by Dwight last week, and now that the Captain of the Guard is spilling his town’s most ancient secrets to the government, Duke decides that he and Mara are going to team up and deal with the threat. But not by killing. Mara is going to alter the Troubled person who is causing the Trouble flu and everyone will live happily ever after. Isn’t this precisely the same plan from a couple of weeks ago that failed oh so spectacularly? In any case, Duke unshackles Mara and they head into town. Elsewhere, Vince Teague, goes to speak to some mysterious government man to try and get the Governor—yes really, so now it’s a national conspiracy!—to call off the CDC.

Back on the Trouble flu case it turns out that Haven PD have had a suspect in the cells all this time, a known Troubled person who doesn’t want anyone to come near him or touch him. Could he be patient zero? And could the Haven police department be anymore inept? The suspect, Kirby (Has anyone in the world ever met a real life Kirby?) tells them that no, he isn’t the cause of the Trouble flu. His Trouble is that he sees how people die when they touch him. Audrey, of course, touches him. He tells her that she and her “twin sister” die at the same time. Spoilers! Audrey also collapses from the Trouble flu and is taken to what has to be the worst possible place in Haven. The hospital where all the Troubled sick people are being kept. Because if someone’s Trouble is going to activate, let’s not isolate them or try to keep them safe, lets put them in the middle of a powder keg.

So Charlotte Cross has suddenly thrown aside all her doubts about the supernatural and her scientific acumen and is ready to “immunize” people against the Trouble flu. But first she needs something that causes Troubles. And Dwight’s blood. Because in TV science you can always synthesize a cure from someone’s blood and a supernatural Deus Ex Machina from another dimension. Dwight goes to retrieve Mara’s aether from the Haven PD’s safe—literally the worst place you could think to keep it—narrowly missing Duke and Mara who are on the same mission.

At the same time, Audrey-husk (as Mara called her last week) is having an existential crisis. Which, considering that she’s a false personality of a witch from another dimension, is saying something. Audrey wonders if she’s Troubled. Or a Trouble. If she is even real. Nathan assures her that she is real. Because he loves her. My god this scene drags on but is important in that it kind of shows how much Audrey has lost. She’s not the ass-kicking Trouble-solver from the first two seasons of the series, she’s no longer Trouble-resistant, and in fact spends the vast majority of this episode without agency. I’m really hoping tough cop Audrey gets her mojo back, because she’s been deadweight since she came back.

So it turns out that the guy causing the Troubles is Pete, the weird medical examiner with the vaguely 70s pornstar moustache. Pete can’t or won’t calm down. But does draw up some mathematical bullshit as a side order to the scientific bullshit that we‘ve been served this week and claims that by the end of the week every Troubled person will have their Troubles turned on. Oooh peril!

Suddenly, a Trouble that stops people breathing kicks in. The Trouble features Kirk, someone who Audrey saved before, whose Trouble means that all the oxygen in his vicinity disappears. Because that’s a thing. So, while everyone is collectively losing their shit in the hospital Mara and Duke take Pete outside. I wonder how this is going to end? Mara stabs Pete in the neck. Yes, it’s going to end exactly as I thought it would. Mara manipulates Duke into using his curse to “cure”—by which I mean “kill”—Pete and remove his Trouble.

So, everyone wakes up in the hospital, except Audrey who improbably still has the Trouble flu. What is going on with you, Audrey? While Mara and Duke drive home like a bickering old couple after a night out. Duke says that Mara manipulated him into killing Pete. Mara manipulates him even more by agreeing and saying that at least her manipulations are clear, unlike Audrey’s. “I’ve got blood on my hands too,” she tells him. Mara’s twisted mind is like a bag of snakes, I have no idea what she wants, what her end game is, but I am still liking her, especially given that Audrey-husk is largely out of commission. She promptly re-cuffs herself, meaning that she’ll probably be back shackled to a boat next episode. Damn!

While back in the governor’s mansion or wherever (he’s been there the whole day?) the government man tells Vince that the CDC hasn’t sent anyone to investigate Haven. That Charlotte Cross is an imposter. Dun dun dun.


Mara : Well, are you going to say anything or are you just here for the show? Because it’s twenty to watch. Fifty to touch.
Duke : Just shut up. Dwight’s about to sell us out.

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