Haven review: Reflections

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Audrey struggles to deal with the Trouble of the Week and her worsening Trouble flu while Mara plays house with Duke. Charlotte Cross of the CDC continues to seek a scientific cure for the supernatural but is she more than she seems?


So, it’s round two of Science vs. the Supernatural on this week’s Haven as things continue to move forward at breakneck speed. we see friends become enemies, enemies become friends and questions raised about just who the hell is Charlotte Cross and her science-based cures for the supernatural?

Audrey still has the Trouble flu from last week and we start with a cute-ish scene of Audrey and Nathan having a fight over whether she’s real or not. I guess if your girlfriend is the magic savior of the Troubles and a false subconscious of an evil witch then you’re going to find yourself addressing these kinds of things. Honestly, it’s a pretty interesting question because after all this, we still have no idea just who or what Audrey Parker is? Why does an Emily Rose clone appear every 27 years with the help of the Barn (remember that?) to solve the Troubles?

Duke has troubles of his own this week; he needs to “unleash” one of his stored up Troubles pronto, the only problem being that he has no harmless Troubles left. Whatever happened to the Trouble that turns people into cake? That seems alright.

Mara is still manipulating Haven’s bad boy in chief as she convinces him, slowly over the course of the episode, into her way of thinking. This includes a clever scene where it appears that she has absconded, only for her to return of her own free will after a quick trip to the convenience store to pick up some popsicles. Was this all part of some wider manipulations?

A close look at Mara’s interactions over the past few weeks reveals that she is slowly becoming less Mara-ish. Her evil Disney Queen laugh is long gone and this week we see her swanning around in a sun dress and painting her toe nails. Is this part of a wider plan on the part of the writers involving Audrey and Mara’s personalities mixing to some extent? If so, it is a subtle one. Or is this part of a wider manipulation by Mara to use Duke to gain aether? That is the question.

Our Trouble of the Week cleverly riffs on the issue of self-identity and insecurity as we meet a girl with “the gaze.” This “gaze” means that a character’s self-view (and all the issues therein) become actualized, and so a girl who is falling apart literally falls apart, someone who thinks they are weak becomes weak and, most interestingly of all, Audrey Parker who views herself as a Trouble-solver with Trouble-immunity gets better from the Trouble flu. The stakes are raised when Audrey goes to see the mysterious Dr. Charlotte Cross who tells her that her cells are “degenerating.”

This first meeting between Audrey and Charlotte is interesting on a number of levels, not least the massive question marks that are raised when Charlotte first meets Audrey and very obviously recognizes her. Maybe she’s an Uncharted fan? Nathan and Vince also team up this week to investigate Charlotte Cross after it was revealed that the CDC has not sent her to Haven after all. Dwight defends his new scientist friend despite everything, and whether she is part of the CDC or not, it is clear that something is up with the good doctor.

So Mara needs aether to “fix” Duke, something that Nathan and Dwight are understandably wary of handing over to her given her history of untrustworthiness and wholesale murder. Nathan and Dwight flat out refuse to hand Mara the aether, even though Duke asks super nicely over the phone, precipitating him fully putting on his black hat and working with Mara outright.

Dwight, Nathan and Duke all try to get the aether from the Haven PD safe only to discover that it is missing, with each blaming the other. It ultimately turns out that the aether was taken by an unidentified member of the Guard, because what we need in Haven is more mystery. How did he know there was aether in the safe? What is he going to do with it? Why didn’t he put the vial of aether in his pocket when walking through the station instead of holding it obviously in his hand so that he can be picked up later on CCTV? These are all good questions.

It’s time up for Duke who releases some kind of heating up Trouble but Mara saves him with a kiss. Yes, that’s right. Why wouldn’t that work? The two get it on, of course, and we’re left wondering just what the hell is going on with Mara? Is she really into Duke? Is this all part of a bigger plan? I don’t know and I don’t care but I really do like the direction this plot-line is heading in.

Back in town, Audrey is quickly unraveling the Trouble of the Week and it seems like she has her mojo back to some extent as she manages to solve this week’s case without being shot or injured or spoon-fed the answer by Mara. On the negative side, if the Trouble has been solved then her cells are “degenerating” once more. We finally get the reveal we have been waiting for as it turns out that Charlotte is carrying around a super-secret file featuring differences images of Lucy, Sarah, Audrey and other Mara avatars from history. So she’s not in town with the CDC or to solve the supernatural with science, but she’s investigating Mara.


Duke : You didn’t care about a single person that you’re Troubles ruined. So why should I believe all of a sudden that you give a damn about helping me?
Mara: Because helping you helps me.

Nathan : What did the doctor say?Audrey: She took my blood, gave me a shot of vitamins and didn’t discover my secret identity.

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